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Where Amazing Happens: Wizards Allow ‘Fans’ To Attempt Trampoline Dunks

Clearly, this entire exhibition which occurred recently at a Washington Wizards game was a ruse. And if the whole bit wasn’t a sham, at least the final contestant, “Eddie” sure as hell was a shill. The first three dudes attempt a dunk off the trampoline, and the results were predictably terrible, uncoordinated demonstrations of non-dunking talent, but when “Eddie” lines up – after the emcee has to his attention because he was talking on his cell phone, proceeds to keep talking on his as he begins running – that’s when the jaw-dropping dunkability ensues – Eddie springs off the trampoline and miraculously pulls off a full flip straight into a one-handed jam.

I don’t know. I’m not buying what these guys are selling. Unless you believe out of four fans pulled out of the stands, three would be awful and one could do front flips. I guess stranger things have happened…like four fans showing up for a Wizards game.

[H/T D.C. Sports Bog]