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Jack LaLanne Off To Box A Kangaroo In The Great Old Gymnasium In The Sky

Or throw around a medicine ball, use one of those antique vibrating exercise belt thingers or whatever.

The legendary Jack LaLanne, who was in better shape in his 90s than I have ever been in my entire life, sadly passed away yesterday of respiratory failure related to a bout with pneumonia. He was 96.

Once humorously saying that he couldn’t “afford to die” because it would wreck his image, LaLanne transformed the world of physical fitness, taking it out of the gym and making it more accessible by inventing exercises people could do in their homes.

Testimonials are coming in from all over the globe, but given that Bob Barker had some very nice things to say about him, you know LaLanne was the real deal (via CBS Sports):

“He never lost enthusiasm for life and physical fitness,” Barker told the Associated Press on Sunday. “I saw him in about 2007 and he still looked remarkably good. He still looked like the same enthusiastic guy that he always was.”

Rest in peace, Mr. LaLanne. And thanks for making me feel like crap about my poor physical fitness all these years. The world will not be the same without him.

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