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Gary Bettman Should Cancel The Whole Thing: Sidney Crosby Out Of All-Star Game

In what should be considered a devastating blow to next weekend’s NHL All-Star Game festivities (especially in Gary Bettman’s lovestruck mind), it has been announced that leading vote-getter Sidney Crosby will not be attending All-Star Weekend as he continue his recovery from concussion-related symptoms relating to hits to his head in successive games in early January. I guess it would probably be best to just shut it down and reschedule the weekend once Sidney gets back to one hundred percent, right?

As it stands now, it appears the NHL has made the brave choice to continue on without Crosby, despite the Pittsburgh Penguins making the heartbreaking announcement early Monday on the team’s official site (via AP):

“Sidney is making progress in his recovery but still is not completely symptom-free,” general manager Ray Shero said. “In this situation, when he has not even skated for two and a half weeks and still has not been cleared to resume physical activity we think it’s best for him to focus totally on his recovery.”

While there is little choice but to agree with the team’s course of action – it makes no sense for Crosby to participate in an exhibition if he can’t play in a regular game – how is the NHL supposed to continue on without their Messiah? I mean, what’s the point? Without Sidney Crosby, the NHL has virtually nobody else to showcase on their big weekend. There’s Sidney Crosby, then everyone else. Seriously, can you think of one player in the NHL that anybody cares about beyond St. Sidney? Alexander Ovechkin? Pshaw. That guy’s a damn commie. Eric Stahl Staal? Bush league. Nicklas Lidstrom? Who?

Nope, no point going forward without our beloved Sid the Kid. How Sidney goes, the NHL goes. I’d be surprised to learn that Gary Bettman takes a leak without asking for Crosby’s permission first.

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