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Epic Minianture Golf Putt Surprisingly Confirms That Miniature Golf Can Be Epic

I know! I wouldn’t have believed it either, but this Putt Putt Golf aficionado displays some remarkable adaptability with this amazing shot out of a water hazard. Courtesy of the utilization of a fountain in said water hazard – which just so happens to be conveniently located directly underneath his ball – Putt Putt Idiot Savant Guy waits patiently until his ball has been propelled by the fountain to its apex before he takes a whack at it. Miraculously, the ball actually goes in the hole.

Who would have suspected that a miniature golf shot could be so amazing? Now, I have had my thrills and holed some nice putts on the incredible miniature golf courses of Wisconsin Dells in my time – Pirate’s Cove is one of my personal favorites – but nothing I have accomplished has come close to measuring up to this impressive shot.

[H/T Pro Golf Talk]