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Wake N’ Blog: Crafty Headline Award – ‘Allergic to orgasms? Man’s sad story has happy ending’

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• Ha! Well played, The Body Odd on MSNBC, well played, but a horrible story. Mr. A, a 50-year-old married man, “would experience fever, weakness, exhaustion, loss of initiative, headache, disordered speech, irritability, forgetfulness and frightening dreams, not to mention swollen lips and throat” after every time he ejaculated. First diagnosed as a condition in 2002, Mr. A had what experts call Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome, or POIS. The issue? Some men are allergic to their own semen. To treat the condition, men are inoculated over a series of injections which contain an increasingly less diluted solution of their own semen. Run with that one any way you want. [MSNBC]

• It’s true sports uniforms are getting uglier. [Larry Brown Sports]

• The New York Jets held a rally in Times Square and you’ll never guess who showed up: Fireman Ed! Yay! [Bob’s Blitz]

• This is getting ridiculous: Padraig Harrington was disqualified from the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship after a TV viewer decided to narc on him for a rules violation. [Devil Ball Golf]

• Her name is Charlie Laine. She is a Green Bay Packers fan. She does naughty things on camera. [Busted Coverage]

• Out of 3 million people, a homeless man won’s top fantasy football prize this season. [Shutdown Corner]

• Kim Kardashian attends basketball game, indicates that she loves…something. [The Basketball Jones]

• Bill Clinton crashed Chad Ochocinco’s birthday party. [The Last Angry Fan]

• An interesting infographic about everything you wanted to know about Super Bowl tickets. [Deuce of Davenport]

• Why do we hate Tom Brady and love Big Ben? [Off the Bench]

• Controversial goal review causes Kings GM to claim that the NHL is biased. [Puck Daddy]

• Tony LaRussa was roasted. [Joe Sports Fan]

• “Lex Lion: Gleatest Coach Evel” [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Ha: “Brian Cashman found urinating on George Steinbrenner’s grave” [TAUNTR]

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