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If You Replace One Letter, You Would Have Yourself A Pretty Scandalous Headline

I’ll let you figure out which letter needs to replaced yourself. Can’t figure it out? Alright, I’ll tell you: replace “h” in “head” with a “d” and suddenly, the walking dead have jobs as Division I coaches teaching basketball to the young men of America, and I don’t have to tell you how ugly that could get.

Just kidding. I think it has become painfully obvious to regular readers that I have the comic sensibilities of an 8th grade boy. Sloppy cock fight. Heh. Further, even if you read the headline verbatim, what in the hell is a “sloppy rock fight” anyway? Makes no sense. Even to a zombie.

In first game as head coaches, Mike Rice and Kevin Willard faced off in ‘sloppy rock fight’ []