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Hmm…I Wonder Why FOX Rejected This ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ Super Bowl Ad…

To be perfectly honest and forthright, I cannot for the life of me come up with one legitimate reason why FOX has refused to air a commercial promoting the website, I mean, it has everything you’re looking for and touches upon the lighthearted kind of subject matter people usually have a grand old time discussing, especially when it comes to an entertaining Super Bowl ad: politics, religion, bobbleheads. Those are usually hallmarks of a rip-roaring good time! It’s all there. Weird.

Via Mediaite:

This year, the rejected ad beginning to cause buzz is for a site called, innocently and innocuously, Fox, which will air the Super Bowl this year, called the ad “unacceptable.” The site sells merchandise like mugs and T-shirts poking fun at the President and his policies and informs visitors that while they don’t actually believe Jesus hates Obama, they do believe in “the freedom to make fun of the Obama Administration with novelty T-shirts.”

The tongue-in-cheek, whimsical little ad follows.

Ha. It’s funny because Jesus and Obama are depicted as bobbleheads, not real people! Important distinction. Anyway, I still cannot figure out why this ad was rejected and will not be aired. I don’t know, maybe the spot would have been green-lighted if the folks who run had figured out a way to incorporate a chick bobblehead or polar bears or something. It’s hard to say, really.

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