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Headbutt(head): French Soccer Star Zinedine Zidane Suing Comedian Over Zinger

"This is what I think of Christophe Aleveque...on opposite day!"

To most people, including myself, Zinedine Zidane is best known as that French soccer player guy who headbutted that other soccer player guy during the 2006 FIFA World Cup Finals against Italy (don’t act like you’re not impressed by my international soccer acumen). Now, perhaps he will be known also as a whiny little jagoff with no sense of humor who goes after comedians for cracking jokes about him in magazines interviews.

Via SI:

Lawyer Alberto Brusso said he was suing comedian Christophe Aleveque and the magazine Sportmag over harsh words he used to describe Zidane in an interview published last month.

In the interview, Aleveque attacks Zidane for acting as official ambassador to Qatar’s candidacy for the World Cup in 2022, which the tiny oil-rich state won over a slew of other nations including the United States.

“Mister Zinedine Zidane considers that these remarks are harmful to his honour, his dignity, his integrity, his reputation as a man and a public person as well as that of his family,” lawyer Alberto Brusa said in a statement.

Jeez, wouldn’t it have been a lot easier just to go and heckle this guy at one of his comedy shows? Do lawyers always have to get involved? But what did this sharp-tongued comedian say about him that so wrongly disparaged Zidane’s so-called glowing reputation (via Dirty Tackle)?

“To me it is a form of prostitution. This guy is a whore! Write it! I swear, what he does, it is always based on his navel. It’s disgusting. I hope that the 11 million he took, he gave it to an association, if it is a scandal. This is not his first mistake, he made more. Ambassador of Danone…let him die in yogurt!” he exclaims.

Let him die in yogurt? Well, that certainly changes things. That’s certainly worthy of a lawsuit. I’ll tell you this, comedians like this Christophe Aleveque fellow are just the worst, Jerry. The worst. He’s no Gallagher, that’s for darn sure.

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