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Fistfuls Of Dollars: Rick’s Cabaret Could Make Extra $2 Million Off Super Bowl

In these trying economic times, do you know what businesses could really use a little boost? Strip clubs!

If the chips (and wadded-up dollar bills) fall just right, Dallas/Fort Worth-area Rick’s Cabaret locations could see upwards of $2 million in additional revenue due to Super Bowl XLV being played just down the road in Arlington at Cowboys Stadium on February 6th, according to Rick’s chief executive Eric Langan. There are seven clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and are expected to be jam packed throughout Super Bowl festivities/debauchery.

Via Reuters:

“We estimate, worst case, it will be about an additional $1 million in revenue for us,” he said in a telephone interview, adding the company did about that much extra during the Super Bowl in Miami last year.

“But if we get a New York-Chicago Bears Super Bowl, then it could be really big,” Langan added, citing the size of the cities. “We could be as high as $2 million.”

Well, I suppose that’s good news. Thanks to the trickle-down economic principles at work in most strip clubs, at least we know the gals working their tails off strutting their stuff just to make it through college or until their acting career takes off will see a large portion of that influx of added revenue. That has to at least partially make up for having to hear “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard 10 times during every shift.

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