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Electrocuting Robot Jockeys Are Sullying The Sterling Reputation Of Camel Racing

I have to somewhat shamefully concede that the fine sport of camel racing has not received its deserved due and proper respect and attention here at the Sportress in the past and it is something that I have duly noted during S.O.B. committee meetings I hold with myself and assorted stuffed animals which serve as the site’s board of directors. But once I saw this shocking story about how some despicable people are denigrating the good name of camel racing for profit, well, I could not, and from this point, will not remain silent any longer.

You see, camel racing in Dubai is a big money sport and technology has quickly become enmeshed in the sport courtesy of robot jockeys. Sadly, with the advent and subsequent incorporation of technological ingenuity into the ancient sport has become more prevalent, so has the shameful, unethical abuse of said advancements by way of robot jockey that administer shocks to the camels to coerce the camels to run faster.

Well, the law has caught up to three of these despicable profiteers in Dubai and brought them to justice for greedily attempting to circumvent the integrity of camel racing and now they could face jail time for their actions.

Via FOX Sports:

Undercover officers posing as customers made the arrest and said they negotiated paying the men around 29,000 dirhams ($8,000) for each modified robot, around 30 times more than the price of ordinary robots.

An investigation was under way Friday into how widespread the use of “shock jockeys” is in the lucrative sport, where successful thoroughbreds are worth millions of dollars.

I know. Shocking, isn’t it? Um, no pun intended.

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