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Athletes Would Be Well-Served By Utilizing Wisdom Imparted By The ‘Swanson Pyramid Of Greatness’

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I assume the readers of the Sportress, when they are not overindulging on sports viewing, aspire to watch only quality television programming. One such example would be NBC’s Parks and Recreation, which for some ungodly, shameful and pathetic reason that NBC should be ashamed of, languished in broadcast purgatory this fall and just had its season premiere last night.

In the episode, “Go Big or Go Home,” Ron Swanson, the Director of the Pawnee, Indiana’s Parks & Recreation Department, is forced to coach a youth basketball team as a consequence of deep budget cuts to his department. This is when the manly Swanson drops some serious macho wisdom on his team, courtesy of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. It is indeed brilliant, and it is this person’s opinion that if more athletes utilized the valuable lessons contained therein, they would undoubtedly achieve unparalleled levels of success, both on and off the field.

Video of the scene when Ron introduces his players to the the Pyramid of Greatness follows.

Awesome. I love the homage to Indiana folk hero Bobby Knight courtesy of the red sweater Ron is sporting. Later in the episode, after he gets ejected by the ref, Tom Haverford (expertly portrayed by Aziz Ansari), Ron further embodies Coach Knight’s spirit by chucking a chair across the court in protest. Great stuff.

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