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That ‘American Idol’ Winner You Don’t Remember To Perform At NFC Championship

No, not Clay Aiken. I don’t even think he won it. No, not Reuben Studdard. No, not Soul Patrol Guy, either. Lee DeWyze. Don’t remember him? Yeah, me neither. But that’s him pictured above and he won American Idol last year…still nothing? Oh.

Anyway, DeWyze announced via Twitter Monday that he was going to perform the National Anthem before the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears play each other in the NFC Championship on Sunday. The only problem is, he’s not performing the National Anthem – that other guy who did it last weekend will be handling those duties. Oops. And awkward.

Shedding some light on the “controversy” (via The Washington Post):

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Wednesday the league had recently booked DeWyze to perform the national anthem at the NFC championship game, regardless of location. He said “to accommodate the Bears and their fans,” DeWyze will instead perform at halftime and Jim Cornelison will perform the national anthem.

Well, if DeWyze is going to defer to anybody, it should be Cornelison. That guy, to paraphrase Randy Jackson, “blew it out” last weekend. Dawg. And DeWyze should get used to playing second fiddle and deferring to more talented performers anyway. That way it won’t sting quite as bad when he gets bumped at the East Podunk Casino and All-You-Can-Eat Buffet because Night Ranger’s bus broke down outside.

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