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Sad: Legendary Green Bay Packers Fan ‘St. Vince’ Not Attending NFC Championship

Now this story just breaks my Christianity-infused Packers Superfan-loving heart.

John O’Neill, the 58-year-old Packer backer from Middleton, Wisconsin who has become famous for wearing the Green & Gold Packers-themed bishop’s outfit topped off by a mitre featuring Vince Lombardi, came up empty when trying to procure tickets for “close seats” at the NFC Championship Game between his beloved Pack and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday. He will instead be sadly watching the game from home.

O’Neill, lovingly referred to as “St. Vincent,” usually saves his Cheesehead Papal attire for games at Lambeau Field or at stadiums which don’t contain hostile fans for the opposing teams, but has said he would have showed up at Soldier Field in fully regaled to cheer on Aaron Rodgers and company as he believes there would have been enough fellow Packers fans in the crowd to prevent any savage beatdowns upon him.

I’m not even a Packers fan and I think this sucks. If there are Packers fans – or even better, the Packers organization – would like to benefit from St. Vince’s in-person benevolence, they should probably pony up some funds to get St. Vince to the game toot sweet.

Actually, it means little to me whether or not St. Vince makes it to the game, although I believe it would be a nice gesture to a guy who always goes all out to support the team. I am, however, very curious to find out if St. Vince’s frequent companion, Cheesehead Bra Gal or, better yet, the famous Green Bay Packers Bikini Girls, are planning on making it to Chicago:

Okay. Maybe just the Green Bay Packers Bikini Gals are the only ones I care about showing up. And definitely not this modest, nipple-hiding guy, who is apparently known in some circles as “Bubba Packer”:

Yeah, he can sit this one out. That would be nice.

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