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I Got Your Nose! Minnesota Wild Get Weird With Goal Celebration

Of course, as a good Minnesota Wild fan, I was watching the team take on the Calgary Flames last night as opposed to taking in the season premiere of American Idol. Sure, it was a difficult decision to make – no it wasn’t – to make the decision that watching a suddenly hot hockey team was a better viewing choice than looking at Steven Tyler’s face and Jennifer Lopez’s eyebrows (those things looked like caterpillars!).

Anyhoo, I’m glad I did eschew televised drivel and opted for hockey because I witnessed the above rather odd goal celebration. After Cal Clutterbuck notched his 14th goal of the season to give the Wild a 4-0 lead early into the third period of a 6-0 thrashing, defenseman Greg Zanon came over to Clutterbuck and proceeded to rub Cal’s nose. Weird. Wiping away icy stalagsnots, perhaps?

Via Star Tribune:

“We’re just having fun, obviously winning and playing with confidence, and we had a good time tonight,” Zanon said.

“I just remember looking at Brodziak’s face and almost bursting out laughing,” Clutterbuck said. “He had this shocked look on his face.”

Those hockey players. What a bunch of nose-wiping goofballs. They are kind of like mothers with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy that way.

Road roll continues rust-free for Wild [Star Tribune]
[H/T for video Puck Daddy]