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The Packers Are ‘On To Chicaco,’ So Says The Green Bay Press-Gazette

To be fair, the “g” and “c” keys are pretty close together on the keyboard, especially when the fat-fingered person doing the typing has a steady diet consisting primarily of beer cheese soup and Old Milwaukee. In light of that fact, it is indeed fortuitous that the headline of the Green Bay Press-Gazette on Monday morning didn’t instead read “OASND TOASSA CIHCAOVCO”.

I keed, I keed. Not everyone in Green Bay – or Wisconsin, for that matter – are morbidly obese simpletons who are incapable of spelling the word “Chicago” correctly…just most of them. ZING!

Actually, the Press-Gazette, to their credit, issued a somewhat snarky apology on the front page of the paper’s Tuesday edition (via the Chicago Tribune):


There is no excuse for the spelling error on the front page of Monday’s Press-Gazette. We know the great city of Chicago is spelled with two “C”s and a “G,” and not three “C”s. We were equally embarrassed we got it wrong in the first place and then failed to catch it in the proofreading process. We apologize for the error: In the event the Packers win Sunday and advance to the Super Bowl, we’ll spell the host city of Dallas correctly.

Ha. Those wisenheimers. Well played.

Whoops! Upon further review … [Chicago Tribune]