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NFC Championship: The Traditional Wager Between Governors Is Dumber Than Usual

When the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears face each other on the gridiron come Sunday in the NFC Championship Game, not only will a berth in the Super Bowl be on the line, the dignity and self-respect of their respective state’s political leaders will be hanging in the balance as well.

You know the stupid drill by now: two teams are about to face each other in a big game. So, the political leaders of each region – mayor vs. mayor, or in this case, governor vs. governor – make a friendly wager regarding the outcome of the game. Typically, it involves products – especially foodstuffs – that hail from the town or state and whichever team wins, the other political leader is forced to eat crow and send the victorious side a block of cheese, some seafood, barrel of apples or a ton of spam or whatever. It’s a friendly back-and-forth and no one’s feelings get too hurt, but it is nevertheless ridiculous and more often than not, a total waste of time.

Well sir, the wager between Wisconsin governor Scott Walker (above, left) and Illinois governor Pat Quinn (above, right) is even lamer than what we have come to expect. Read on (via Sporting News):

Walker says the losing governor of the bet on Sunday’s Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears game will volunteer in a food pantry in the winner’s state wearing a shirt from the opposing team.

Also, Walker says the loser must fly the opposing team’s flag in his governor’s office a day before the Super Bowl.

Oh the humanity!!! Can you imagine it? Not only will the governors have to work among the dregs of society at a food pantry, they will have to do so in the opposing team’s shirt! The humiliation! And to have to fly the flag at the governor’s office? States have moved to secede from the Union for less an affront to their state’s pride. I think.

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