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L.A. Times Poll: ‘Is Blake Griffin The Greatest Player In L.A. Clippers History?’

Uh-oh, it might be high time for the folks at the L.A. Times who came up with this poll to break out their trusty Jump To Conclusions Mat. They freely preface the entire exercise by acknowledging that Blake Griffin has only played one-half of one season for the Los Angeles Clippers (via The Fabulous Forum):

OK, he has only played half a season, but the buzz surrounding Blake Griffin is unlike anything the Clippers have experience since moving to Los Angeles. So, considering the team’s spotty history, is Griffin already the greatest player they’ve ever had?

Nevertheless, it appears they are prepared to coronate Griffin as the Greatest Los Angeles Clippers Player Who Has Ever Lived.

The poll’s ground rules:

Criteria: Only L.A. Clippers should be considered, so no Buffalo Braves (sorry, Bob McAdoo) or San Diego Clippers are eligible. And only time with the L.A. Clippers counts, it doesn’t matter what you did elsewhere (sorry, Dominique Wilkins).

So, here’s your chance to vote for the greatest player in L.A. Clippers history. And be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you voted the way you did.

It’s early yet in the polling, but at the time of this post, Blake Griffin already holds the lead. Now, I’m the last person anyone should ask about anything regarding the storied tradition of the Los Angeles Clippers, but given the players who have played for the Clippers in the past, it might be a tad  premature to begin anointing Griffin as the be all, end all among Clippers greats…

(looks at the other options)

Never mind. Carry on.

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