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Vlogger Creation Gladis Doright Laments Patriots’ Loss, Terrifies Nation

Yowsers. I’m not entirely sure where to begin with this one. On second thought, I do. I’d like to thank Tecmo over at P.S.A.M.P. for shedding some light on the creepy little corner of the interwebs where the person behind Gladis Doright uploads her, um, unique videos. Well, I don’t know if thanking Tecmo is the right way to put it, but you know where I’m coming from – at least you will after you view the Patriots fan’s latest video, “Gladis Doright Eats Crow!” which follows.

Doright, who is the creation of vlogger moejorizen62, summarizes this slightly tweaked presentation as follows:

New England Patriots lose to New York Jets and Gladis has to eat crow! You know Gladis she’ll always do you right and never do you wrong.

Buckle up, this ride gets a little bumpy, in a disturbing, unnerving kind of way.

Wow. Gladis Doright, everyone. An odd – and troubling – mishmash of NFL superfan and the brilliant character Ben from David Lynch’s masterpiece, Blue Velvet, expertly portrayed by Dean Stockwell. All we need is Gladis Doright to upload a video of her lip-synching to “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison and we would most certainly have some pretty high octane nightmare fuel. Creepy stuff, man.