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Huh: Venus Williams Originally Wanted To Appear Like She Wasn’t Wearing Any Panties

In light of the usual outrageous outfits Venus Williams likes to wear during her tennis matches, the above getup she donned Monday for her first round 6-3, 6-2 blowout of Italy’s Sara Errani is pretty tame by her standards. That is until she admitted that the outfit was originally intended to be an “illusion dress,” meaning that she originally planned to wear flesh-colored shorts underneath the top to give the impression she wasn’t wearing any panties, a look she tried to pull off at last year’s French Open, with horrifying results.

Said Venus on her last-minute fashion decision (via Game On!):

“But at the last minute I decided not to,” said Williams of a decision that no doubt was lamented by photographers.

Williams added that, “A lot of the focus of the dress is the zipper.”

Ah yes, the zipper. Unfortunately for Venus, had she decided to forego the black shorts and instead had gone with “the commando look,” as USA Today’s Tom Weir put it (in nightmare fuel fashion, I might add), I’m pretty sure nobody would have been talking about the damn zipper today.

Halftime: Venus contemplates the commando look [Game On!]