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The Guy Who Got To See Steffi Graf ‘Naked’ Might Be Feeling Kind Of Ripped Off

You may recall the story from last week where Andre Agassi offered up a nude photo of his wife Steffi Graf to anyone who bid $4,000 for a stupid plate as part of an auction prior to a charity tennis exhibition in Taiwan. Photographed with Agassi above is one Franz Chen, the CEO of Taiwanese porcelain manufacturer who won the auction. Unfortunately, the glimpse of the women’s tennis great might have been a bit underwhelming since Chen has no idea whether or not the photo was in fact of Steffi Graf because it was only of a nude woman’s back.

Via the Toronto Star:

“I couldn’t see her face,” said the 60-year-old businessman, whose company supplied the plate used in the auction. “But she did have a pretty good figure, and it was a very artistic photo.”

Of course, Chen, being the polite guy he clearly is, refused to even raise a fuss about the major ripoff:

“I only complimented Agassi on the beauty of his wife,” Chen said. “He was very happy to hear the compliment.”

I do not mean to split hairs here, but how hard is it for a woman to look attractive if the only thing you are looking at is her back. Unless the woman has spinal meningitis like the grotesque and horrifying Zelda from Pet Sematary, pretty much any woman can look halfway decent from that vantage point.

What a crock of crap. $4,000 ($7,000 US) and all Chen got was the back of some blond broad who may or may not have been Steffi Graf? Andre Agassi, you are one over-exaggerating jerk. Nude photo of his wife my ass. Speaking of ass, that’s the very least Agassi could have shown this poor sap who just got hoodwinked by a nude photo-promising, first class swindler. For shame, Andre Agassi, for shame.

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