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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• My pal PUNTE is rooting for an NFL lockout. Before you metaphorically storm his castle with torches and pitchforks, hear him out. He makes some fantastic points. [With Leather]

• Contrary to the frenzy whipped up on the interwebs, the reports that Sidney Crosby would skip the NHL All-Star Game in protest are not even close to accurate, according to the man-child himself. [Puck Daddy]

• Thank goodness: I was just saying what the world needs more than anything right now is a LeBron James cartoon series. [The Basketball Jones]

• Calling out Mike Florio for his irresponsible reporting on the “Aaron Rodgers ignored a cancer patient” story. [Awful Announcing]

• LOLNFL: Divisional Playoff Weekend, y’all. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Despite the sanctions, Lane Kiffin is still pulling in a virtual bounty of solid recruits. [Rumors & Rants]

• Awesome job on headline: Erroneous TMZ report claims Laurence Maroney is “NFL Star” [The Sports Hernia Blog]

• Don’t miss this epic photo story: “The Ballad of ‘Bathroom Ben’ & Friends” [Midwest Sports Fans]

• A post defending Chris Bosh? That’s kooky talk! [Ball Don’t Lie]

• That’s a recipe for disaster: Bill Belichick got really close to Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter on Sunday. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Blake Griffin’s mystery WAG revealed. [Ted Williams Head]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: Tiger Woods Wondering If He Should Tell People He’s Still Getting Laid

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