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In Which A Scene From ‘Seinfeld’ Is Used To Discuss Question Posed On ESPN’s NFL Nation

Yes siree, lazy blog writing at its best, especially in light of the fact that I just used a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm less than an hour ago to discuss the hiring of Hue Jackson as the new coach of the Raiders. I got problems.

Anyhoo, have the Cowboys seriously soured on Dez Bryant? Interesting question. Do I care? Most certainly not. But will I use it to satisfy my impulsive need to incorporate Seinfeld references into my daily life to the point of absurdity? You got that right, bub.

From a discussion on Matt Mosley’s NFL Nation Blog regarding a radio interview former Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton did where he discussed Dez Bryant:

“They let him get away with a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff,” Crayton said of Bryant. “Hopefully whoever they bring in as receivers coach, and they say [Jason] Garrett is a disciplinarian, won’t let him get away with so much stuff. He’ll get locked down and hopefully be the next Michael Irvin.”

Crayton’s not a fan of Garrett’s, as you might have gathered from that little jab. But it’s interesting what he said about Bryant, who was reportedly late to several meetings during the season and didn’t exactly commit the playbook to memory. Former Cowboys scout Bryan Broaddus, who now works for 103.3, recently wondered aloud (on the air) whether Dallas might listen to trade offers for Bryant.’s Calvin Watkins posed that question to someone in the Cowboys’ front office.

“I would think about it,” said the source.

(Adapted from “The Friars Club”)

JERRY JONES: (worked up) Wh..what kinda person is this Dez Bryant? He takes the money and just blows the team off? I never heard of that!

JASON GARRETT: It’s a little unusual. So, uh, Dez and I were thinking, uh, dinner at the team facility Saturday night. Just the four of us, you, me, Tony and Dez.

JERRY JONES: Uhh, I don’t think so.


JERRY JONES: Ah, I’m a little turned off.

JASON GARRETT: C’mon, what’re you talking about?

JERRY JONES: Ahh, I’m, I’m kinda soured.

JASON GARRETT: You’re soured?

JERRY JONES: Yeah, I’m soured.

JASON GARRETT: Don’t be soured.

JERRY JONES: I’m sorry. I’m soured.

JASON GARRETT: What’re you kidding me? We were all getting along so well. Where is all this coming from?

JERRY JONES: Well, you know, frankly, I don’t think he was too concerned about being late for all those meetings and memorizing the playbook.

JASON GARRETT: What’re you talking about?! He’s very concerned! He said he was gonna get it all down pat.

JERRY JONES: Yeah, we’ll see.

JASON GARRETT: Because if he gets the playbook down pat, then you’ll have no reason to be sour. You’ll de-sour, right?

JERRY JONES: I’ll try and de-sour.

JASON GARRETT: Oh, that’s not good enough! You don’t try and de-sour. You have to sweeten too!

JERRY JONES: I’ll try! I’ll try and de-sour and sweeten.

JASON GARRETT: I wanna get it back when we were the Gatsbys.

JERRY JONES: I still don’t know what that means.

Fin. And an utter waste of time, probably.

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