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Good God, These Current Photos Of Al Davis Will Literally Give You Nightmares

Sweet merciful crap, great Hell-spawned depiction of dreaded unholiness. Get your hands on some Holy Water and promptly bathe yourself in it. Al Davis is back in the public eye and, well, Old Al doesn’t look too good. In fact, it’s borderline pitiful.

These photos are from Hue Jackson’s introductory news conference as Oakland Raiders head coach on Tuesday, and clearly, the camera is not complimentary to Al’s advancing march into a full-fledged demonic existence.

To say Al has seen better days would be an understatement. Corpses have seen better days. Death warmed over? More like death left under a heat lamp for hours upon hours after getting dragged behind a car through a parking lot littered with broken glass and lepers. I’m not trying to be mean – okay, I am – but really…that ain’t…that ain’t right, man. Poor bastard.

(more grisly photos – if you haven’t eaten in the last few hours – are available for your perusal over at Tirico Suave)