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Pilot Wishes She Could Take A Mulligan After Emergency Landing On Golf Course

A pilot was forced to make an emergency landing at the Miami area Greynolds Park Golf Course on Sunday. Annette Simon, 35, was flying with an advertising banner over South Beach when she heard after hearing an unusual noise in the cockpit. After releasing the banner, Simon landed the aircraft on the 7th fairway of the course. “I was just making sure I had a safe place to land and that no one would be on the green when I was landing,” she said.

Thankfully, there were no injuries, but one person was greatly inconvenienced by the emergency landing. Allow me to introduce you to slack-jawed yokel Jake Russo, an eyewitness who just so happened to be on the course’s 8th green, in close proximity to the landing spot.

Obviously, the text doesn’t do his testimonial justice (you can see the video here), but check out how Russo recollects his aggravating experience that day on the course (via WSVN-TV):

“I was on the eighth green, about to putt for par, and the plane just flew right over my head, it must have been 10 feet, and totally flustered me,” said golfer Jake Russo. “I missed the putt.”

A par putt? Yeah, right. By the looks of him, Russo might be the kind of guy who fudges his score a little bit, perhaps a bit of the foot wedge to get out from a behind a tree, if you know what I mean. So, the only reason Russo missed this alleged par putt was because a plane landed right by him? I don’t mean to tell Mr. Russo how to go about working on his golf game, but I’m pretty sure the fellow golfers in his foursome wouldn’t have minded if he took a step back from the putt and recollected his thoughts after a plane just landed a fairway away. Just a hunch.

Further, if I were Russo, I would have said it was a birdie putt.

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