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One Million Legos + Two Years + Bored Ohio State Buckeyes Fan = Lego Ohio Stadium

Wow. Just wow.

Pictured above is Paul Janssen, a native of the Netherlands who built a 1/100 scale version of Ohio Stadium out of Legos in the basement of his Dublin, Ohio home. Janssen spent over 1,000 hours over the span of two years to create the 8-foot by 6-foot model of The Horseshoe, and it is an exact replica of the 100,000 seat plus stadium in Columbus. Well, as much of an exact replica as something can be when constructed out of one million Legos.

Jannsen, president of the Central Ohio Lego Train Club, took his project very seriously (via The Columbus Dispatch):

To plan the project, Janssen studied stadium measurements and satellite images, often taking photos of the press box or other details during football games. (He didn’t really understand the sport at first but is now a fan and a season-ticket holder.)

He spent more than three years acquiring the necessary Legos, often improvising: Dragon horns from a Lego castle kit are part of the rotunda decor; chrome truck parts serve as pipes extending from the stadium bathrooms.

Many pieces were purchased or traded through an online marketplace,; others were already part of his collection.

Had Janssen bought all new parts, he figures the project would have cost $50,000 to $75,000.

Incredible. This thing is even more impressive than my Lego Ultimate Collector Series Death Star II and Imperial Star Destroyer. No, seriously. I actually own both of those sets and have built them. And yes, I’m a total neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie.

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