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Nevada High School Wrestling: Where Hazing Involves Being Stripped Nude And Getting Urinated On

Troubling story out of Nevada where five members of a high school wrestling team have come under fire due to allegations that the wrestlers hazed a fellow fifteen-year-old member of the team by stripping him naked and locking him out of his hotel room while the team was in Las Vegas for a tournament in early December. The details of the hazing become even more vile and sickening upon the victim’s return to his hotel room, when his teammates allegedly proceeded to urinate on him.

The wrestlers, who attend Churchill County High School in Fallon, Nevada, await their fate as the victim decides whether or not to press charges. We’re in close contact with him and (waiting to) see what he wants to do,” said Las Vegas police spokeswoman Barbara Morgan.

Via the Las Vegas Sun:

Fallon Police Chief Kevin Gehman said his department handed over findings of its investigation to Las Vegas police because the incident occurred there. His department interviewed all six teens involved.

District Superintendent Carolyn Ross and Churchill High Principal Kevin Lords referred inquiries about the incident to Sharla Hales, the district’s attorney.

Hales said she could not comment on whether the students suspected of hazing were punished because disciplinary matters are confidential.

Jesus, man. What in the hell is this world coming to?

5 Fallon wrestlers accused of hazing teammate in Las Vegas [Las Vegas Sun]