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ESPN’s Michelle Beadle Fills Out A Pair Of Blue Jeans Quite Nicely

ESPN’s SportsNation was on the road last week as part of the network’s week-long celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. While away from the friendly confines of the studio, the gang visited Southern Mississippi University, where members of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Step Team instructed the lovely Beadle and Marcellus Wiley the intricacies of how to “step”, which is quite appropriate, I might add, given that they are the Step Team. As you can see above, Beadle had on some rocking boots and was sporting a nice pair of blue jeans for the festivities.

Said Miss Beadle (via ESPN Media Zone):

“I was overwhelmed with Southern University’s awesomeness,” said Beadle. “The energy, the crowd and of course the band blew me away.”

I can see that, although I am much more overwhelmed by the awesomeness of Beadle’s blue jeans, if you catch my drift. You could say the entire ensemble of Miss Beadle blew me away – who I should note is easily the sexiest Miss Beadle since the schoolteacher on Little House on the Prairie of the same name.

Video follows.

Good stuff. And the best part? No Colin Cowherd. That guy is like a rash. Can you imagine ever watching that show if it was only Cowherd and lacked the presence and sunny disposition of Miss Beadle? Perish the thought.

Ice, Ice, Ice…Too Cold, Too Cold! (Alpha Phi Alpha chant) [ESPN Media Zone]