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Today In Ursa americanus Prognosticating: Black Bears In Boston Zoo Pick Patriots

Jeez, animals have been inextricably woven into NFL playoff games like no other time in recent memory. Now we can add prognosticating black bears to the odd mix of humiliated pets and one psychotic ferret, because Bubba and Smoky, two bears at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts were coerced by zookeepers to “try their paws” (as the Boston Herald put it) at picking the outcome of this weekend’s game between the New England Patriots and New York Jets. I’m not trying to imply any shenanigans here, but not surprisingly, given the location of said zoo, the Bears picked the Patriots to win the game.

Zookeepers placed two boxes  – one labeled “Patriots,” the other “Jets” – of bear chow, peppers and straw in Bubba and Smoky’s enclosure and lo and behold, the Patriots box was selected. But I wouldn’t take the bears’ playoff picks as gospel and go running to your friendly neighborhood bookie just yet: the bears only got one game right last week. Further, in another matchup this weekend, they also picked the Seahawks to beat, oddly, the Bears. Weird, wild stuff.

Da bears pick a winner: Da Pats! [Boston Herald]