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Time For Another Patented Yet Perfectly Prodigious S.O.B. NFL Playoffs Preview!

This series is brought to you by T.G.I Fridays®, where every weekend means Food, Fun & Playoff Football! Hut, Hut, Hut!

To be honest, I’m not sure prodigious is the right word to use in this situation, but I’m running with it for purely alliterative purposes, so there.

Anyway, if this weekend’s slate of games can even come close to the excitement generated by last weekend’s Wild Card Weekend, we’re in for a real treat – and quite possibly, a few hoots and a couple of hollers. Even the 2011 Miss America contestants are caught up in the excitement! And as The Onion put it in their own subversively sublime (more alliteration for ya) way, the “NFL Season Seems To Be Building To Some Sort Of Climax.” Indeed it is, The Onion, indeed it is, so let us move forward and take a gander at what’s in store for us this coming weekend, focusing on the divisional matchups in the AFC.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers
Heinz Field, Sat. Jan. 15th
4:30 p.m. ET (CBS)

The third matchup of the season between these two AFC North rivals, with the road team winning each game in the previous two (Baltimore 17, Pittsburgh 14 in Week 4 and Steelers 13, Ravens 10 in Week 13). As per usual when these two squads clash, defense was the big story in both of these games, perhaps exemplified most by Troy Polamalu’s game-changing sack of Joe Flacco late in the fourth quarter to put Pittsburgh in position to take the lead.

Meanwhile, at the Sportress this week, we’ve noted a few amusing stories leading up to Saturday’s game, and as to be expected, things got a little heated:

Here’s Miss Pennsylvania Courtney Thomas and Miss Maryland Lindsay Staniszewski showing their team spirit during rehearsals in their respective team jerseys.:

Go team!

Weed’s Pick: This one is sure to be a humdinger and an excellent way to start off the weekend – Pittsburgh 17, Baltimore 14.

New York Jets at New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium, Sun., Jan. 16th
4:30 p.m. ET (CBS)

Hoo boy, this one should be a doozy, especially given the animosity, smack talking and smackdowns which have occurred between these two squads this season. Once again, this is another matchup of fierce divisional rivals, and as was the case with the Ravens-Steelers, the squads split their regular season matchups, the only difference is that these teams both won at home (New York 28, New England 14 way back in Week 2 and the beatdown of all beatdowns in Week 13, Patriots 45, Jets, 3).

There was the fair share of incendiary smack talk going on this week, most of it came from the Jets’ side. Not only that, the fans, the media and even some of our friends from the animal kingdom got into it a bit as well, as you will plainly see by clicking through on the topics the Sportress addressed this week relating to this tilt:

Finally, here are Miss America contestants Miss New York Claire Buffie and Miss Massachusetts Loren Rabinowitz hamming it up:

Weed’s Pick: This one is almost too tough to call, but the Patriots are rolling like Tom Brady on a scooter right now and I don’t see it ending until Brady, Belichick and company hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February – Patriots 34, Jets 24.

Enjoy the games, folks. The power of Bonkers the Seahawk Ferret compels you!