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Sweet Charity: Rich Rodriguez Was In A Giving Mood At The Salvation Army

Save me
The heavens have opened
The storm is over
So let’s start the parade…
Raindrops will turn to laughter
Forever after in your technicolor heartbeat
And they say that it helps you forget everything…

Sweet charity
You drink your poison from a cup of gold
Your gift keeps on giving and giving…   — Mr. Bungle, “Sweet Charity”

So true, Mike Patton. So…true. But instead of “cup of gold,” Rich Rodriguez would have probably went with “cup of maize,” but no matter. Those words nevertheless probably ring true right now to recently ousted Michigan Wolverines head coach Rich Rodriguez. And instead of wallowing in his own misery, kicking himself for what I’m sure he sees as a raw deal, RichRod elected to turn lemons into lemonade by donating a bunch of Michigan Wolverines gear to a Detroit area Salvation Army. Via USA Today:

Maj. John Aren tells the Detroit Free Press that Rodriguez delivered 432 items to the store in Wayne, about 15 miles west-southwest of Detroit, less than one week after his ouster.

Aren said the collection includes caps, shirts and jackets. Sizes range from medium to 2XL, though most are extra large.

A Coach’s Closet tent sale is planned noon to 2 p.m. Saturday with prices starting at $6. Some items may be auctioned.

Now that’s a pretty classy move by Rodriguez. Had that been me, I wouldn’t have taken it as well and I have a pretty good idea how I would have put those now useless items to good use: a whole mess of butt-wipe and snot-rags.

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