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Rick Reilly Comeuppance Is The Best Kind Of Comeuppance (Defending Jay Cutler Edition)

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Rick Reilly has quickly evolved from a gifted, well-respected sportswriter into a sanctimonious blowhard, the timing of which oddly coincided with the ginormous contract he signed with ESPN. With that said, we needn’t comment further on Reilly’s douchebaggery. We can move on to someone who has had just about enough of Reilly, especially in light of his recent column, “Jay Cutler is no teddy bear,” where, not surprisingly given the title, Reilly goes after Cutler, accusing the Chicago Bears quarterback of being a despised individual in NFL circles, writing, “If he’s not the Most Hated Man in the NFL, he’s in the running.”

Well,  Bob LeGere, a columnist who has covered the Chicago Bears for 17 years for the Chicago area newspaper, the Daily Herald, has had all he can stands and he can’t stands no more with Reilly, and he absolutely lets loose on the ESPN “Personality” in a column entitled, “Who’s the jerk?”

An excerpt from the magically delicious Haterade follows.

From LeGere’s brilliant column in the Daily Herald (via Chicago Breaking Sports):

Reilly rips Cutler because he doesn’t have any endorsements and doesn’t want any. Brilliant. Better he should be a money-grubbing shill, willing to endorse anything for a buck. What kind of a jerk focuses on doing his job at the expense of making easy money? How dare he?

And, according to Reilly, Cutler is misguided because he refuses to publicize his hospital visits to children, especially those who battle Type I diabetes just as he does. Apparently, in Reilly’s world, it’s nobler to draw attention to yourself for doing good deeds, rather than just doing them and not expecting anything in return.

Maybe Reilly was just salty because, after he had invested three hours of his time at Halas Hall, Cutler declined to bare his soul, get in touch with his inner child or explain in detail what it is that makes him tick.

Imagine the gall of Cutler not to genuflect and share with Reilly his innermost thoughts the moment he saw him. What was Cutler thinking? How could he be so arrogant? I mean, this was THE Rick Reilly. How could he dare not answer HIS questions.

Bravo. Bra-freaking-vo, Mr. DeGere. You are my Hating On Reilly Hero.  God, how I love some good old-fashioned, journalistic vitriol, even better when the product created is dripping with venomous sarcasm and justifiably calls a spade a spade. Especially when said spade is none other than Rick Reilly.

Who’s the jerk? [Daily Herald (via Chicago Breaking Sports)]