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Kendrick Perkins: Stephen A. Smith ‘Wants A Little Attention’, Cheez Doodles

Alright, alright, injured Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins made nary a mention of Cheez Doodles during his appearance on 98.5 the “Sports Hub” in Boston with Toucher and Rich, but even if SAS’s obsession with Cheez Doodles is an oldie, it doesn’t mean it’s not a goodie.

SAS recently emerged from his Cheez Doodled Bunker and reported that the retired Rasheed Wallace might be interested in coming back and rejoining the Celtics once the trade deadline passes. Here’s Perkins response when asked about the report (via Sports Radio Interviews):

Stephen A. Smith came out the other day and said “It’s part of the plan that Rasheed Wallace is going to come back to this team.” What do you know about this Rasheed Wallace plan?

“Well to be honest I think Stephen A. Smith just wants a little attention because I haven’t heard anything about that. I talked to Rasheed and not once has he mentioned about coming back. I think Rasheed is more of a family man now. He’s doing a lot of things with his son, his wife, his little girl and the children that he has. I asked him about it and he never mentioned it to me or any other guy, so it was kind of a surprise to us too.”

Yeah, I could see that – SAS seems like the kind of guy who has a desperate need for people to LISTEN TO THE WORDS COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH!

At the same time, Smith was spot on about LeBron going to the Miami Heat, so perhaps we should pay attention to him. But not too much.

Kendrick Perkins On Rasheed Wallace Returning To Celts “To Be Honest I Think Stephen A. Smith Just Wants A Little Attention.” [Sports Radio Interviews]