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Hey Joe Theismann, It’s Danny Woodhead, Not Danny Woodcock, Ya Woodhead!

It’s funny because the New England Patriots running back’s last name is Woodhead and Joe Theismann said “Woodcock” instead during a panel discussion on NFL Network. What’s most entertaining is the response it elicits from his fellow panelists, especially Deion Sanders, who apparently has quite the fondness for this kind of immature, irreverent humor, which leads me to believe that he would really enjoy reading the Sportress.

Personally, I haven’t found a verbal gaffe containing a “Woodcock” reference this amusing since my 3rd grade talent show when I performed a variety of tongue twisters for my classmates and their parents, one of which unfortunately came out as follows:

“How much wood would a woodcock cock
if a woodcock could cock wood?
A woodcock would cock all the wood he could
if a woodcock could cock wood!”

My parents were horrified. But to be honest, that was typical. I was a unique child.

[H/T Awful Announcing]