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The Erin Andrews-Reebok Photo Shoot Pics Are Nice Because She Looks Pretty

The lovely and talented Miss Erin Andrews may not set the internets ablaze like she once did – a development I am sure she is more than pleased about – but her recent photo shoot for Reebok is sure to get the ‘tubes going once again.

Miss Andrews is the newest spokesperson for Reebok’s ZigTec line of footwear and apparel and as you can plainly see, she’s a perfect fit.

Below is a statement issued by Andrews regarding her newest endorsement gig (via Game On!):

“I’m very excited to be the first female to become part of Reebok’s ZigTech campaign, joining superstars like Peyton Manning, Sidney Crosby, John Wall, Chad Ochocinco, and many more,” said Andrews in a statement. “I have been athletic all my life, and I’m thrilled to be working out in the same footwear and apparel that helps these athletes perform at the top of their game.”

Photo gallery follows.

ZigTech. Cool name. Although it does remind me of my failed bid to have the Sportress become the official spokesblog for Zig-Zag rolling papers. Boy, did that meeting go up in smoke.

First Look: ESPN’s Erin Andrews strikes pose for Reebok [Game On!]
[images credit (via Jimmy Traina over at Hot Clicks)]