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The 2011 Miss America Contestants Got Their NFL Playoff Football On

There she is, Miss America
There she is, your ideal
The dream of a million girls who are more than pretty can come true in Atlantic City
For she may turn out to be the Queen of Gridiron-inity

Yeah, that’s right, Brooke Burke. Ditch the zero, Chris Harrison – whoever he is – and get with the hero, because I know that given the chance, I would so make for a much better host than some Bachelor dude. And I got the golden pipes to prove it. Could this Harrison guy sing an a capella version of “There She Is, Miss America” that would make Bert Parks weep? You know, if he wasn’t dead? I doubt it.

Anyhoo, the excitement is certainly ramping up for the 2011 Miss America Pageant, because as I am sure all you guys out there know, will be airing live from the Planet Hollywood Casino Resort Las Vegas this coming Saturday (January 15th) on ABC. And what better way to drum up some interest in the long-running slice of Americana than have the gals from every state which still has a team in the fight for NFL supremacy don NFL team apparel representing those teams still in the playoffs and then have them pose for some photos? It’s brilliant.

A rundown of the lovely ladies and some more photos follow.

Via the Las Vegas Sun:

Eight contestants donned their team’s football jerseys and posed with the Super Bowl football. In the AFC, it’s the New England Patriots (Miss Massachusetts Loren Rabinowitz) vs. the New York Jets (Miss New York Claire Buffie) and the Baltimore Ravens (Miss Maryland Lindsay Staniszewski) vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers (Miss Pennsylvania Courtney Thomas).

In the NFC, it’s the Seattle Seahawks (Miss Washington Jacquie Brown) vs. the Chicago Bears (Miss Illinois Whitney Thorpe-Klinsky) and the Green Bay Packers (Miss Wisconsin Kimberly Sawyer) vs. the Atlanta Falcons (Miss Georgia Christina McCauley).

Best of luck to all of them, not only in the Pageant, but also for their teams this weekend. You know, maybe instead of playing the games, perhaps we should simply have these eight gals engage in a no-holds barred mud wrestling tournament. Nah. That would be misogynistic display of chauvinism which wouldn’t sit well with anyone. Forgive me for even bringing it up. I suppose as a much more acceptable alternative, we could simply have the ladies strut around on stage wearing skimpy bathing suits and have judges nitpick every little thing about their bodies and then ask each of them an inane question which really reveals nothing about any of them, other than that, while pretty, they can also be quick thinkers when subjected to moronic queries . Yeah, that’s much better. And a fitting nod to tradition, which is the best part.

With that said, here’s a nifty little photo gallery of the beautiful girls. Nope, no hypocrisy here. Enjoy!

2011 Miss America photos: NFL representative states and rehearsals [Las Vegas Sun]
[photos courtesy of Tom Donoghue/]