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Terrell Suggs’ Middle-Fingered Salute To The City Of Pittsburgh, In T-Shirt Form

Silk-screened-based disses are the dissiest disses that have ever been dissed. Just ask Baltimore Ravens defensive menace Terrell Suggs, whose fashion statement delivered a clear-cut, appendaged message to all Pittsburghians.

Simple, understated, elegant. Just like the man who wore the shirt.

Via Ravens Insider:

“No, there ain’t no message,” he said after Wednesday’s practice. “Like I said, I put on for my city. They rep their city, and I’m repping mine. So here we go.”

But is the brash Ravens linebacker concerned about what the residents of Pittsburgh are going to think about his shirt? Pshaw!

“Do I seem worried? This game is going to be what it is regardless,” he said. “It’s a physical dogfight, so I ain’t expecting nothing different. And this is the shirt I wore this morning. This is just the shirt I chose.”

What a nifty kwinky-dink! The Ravens are playing the Steelers this weekend and lo and behold, this shirt comes up in Suggs’ rotation. At least today’s shirt wasn’t one of those “Big Johnson” t-shirts. Those bad boys are so played.

Suggs dons controversial t-shirt, doesn’t mind backlash from Steelers fans [Ravens Insider]
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