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Nothin’ But A Good Time: Bret Michaels To Rock Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff Party

"Ever since the stroke, this is all I can do with my hands. Literally"

Open Up & Say…Ahh, “Unskinny Bop”-loving Pittsburgh Steelers fans out there, because “I Won’t Forget You” and your “Cry Tough” Yinzerism as I bring you the Big News:  Bret Michaels will be the headlining act at a playoff party on Friday at something called Stage AE in Steel City. Michaels, a die-hard Steelers backer, hails from the town of Butler, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh, so it also fitting that he’ll lead the “Terrible Towel Twirl” prior to kickoff Saturday at Heinz Field before the Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens.

The doors open at three bells and it appears some local acts – or at least acts I have never heard of – will take the stage prior to the former Poison frontman’s set, which is tentatively scheduled to begin at 10:00, unless Michaels has an aneurysm or, given his recent health issues, comes down with the plague, polio or leprosy or whatever.

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