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Larry King Tweets About Barry Zito, Causes Me To Miss Norm MacDonald

Larry King, you magnificent, senile bastard! We don’t have to tell San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito – obviously, he has been in King’s presence so he’s probably got a good idea – but once you are mentioned in an inane musing by Larry King, you’re golden, baby.  The tweet (via Hardball Talk):

Had dinner last night with Barry Zito – famed Giants pitcher. He does everything right handed except pitch!


Does anybody remember baseball cards?

Sudden thought, gang. I have no compassion for anyone who commits rape.

God, I miss Norm MacDonald. And those Larry King News & Views sketches were some of the funniest bits on SNL back in the day.

Come back to us, Norm, wherever you are. This cold, humorless world needs you now more than ever.

[H/T Hardball Talk]