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Golf Is A Helluva Drug? Cameron Diaz Equates Golfing To Crack Cocaine

"Did I hear somebody yell 'fore'?"

Crack might be whack, but golfin’ is golden and its addictive qualities can be somewhat compared to the inescapable lure of smoking rock, at least according to has-been actress Cameron Diaz – seriously, what’s the last good thing she was in? – who recently fessed up to her ball-whacking addiction.

Via Waggle Room:

“I’ve been golfing for about eight years but I hadn’t golfed for, like, three years until recently… because it’s kind of like crack cocaine to me,” Diaz told “I’m getting my clubs fitted…and I’m very excited.”

So, golfing is like crack cocaine to her. Very interesting. I suppose you could say then that, in a way, the chance of a good role being offered to Cameron Diaz is kind of like, well, um, something or other. I can’t believe I cannot come up with a good metaphor for that one. Must be all the crack.

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