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Dunking Doofus: Blake Griffin Comes To The Defense Of LeBron James

Los Angeles Clippers rookie phenom Blake Griffin might be setting the NBA on fire right now with his above-the-rim, high-flying antics, but he might have a thing or two to learn about dropping the ball, metaphorically speaking.

With the Miami Heat in town Wednesday night to take on the Clippers, Griffin was invariably asked about the LeBron James Saga. Instead of going the safe route and interjecting some canned quotes about “Not worrying about what’s going on with other teams” or “Everyone is entitled to live their lives the way they want,” Griffin instead expounded on the topic, even coming to King James’ defense, which is about the worst thing a person can do right about now, given the unbelievable frequency in which James creates public relations nightmares.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

“I think I said it’s crazy that somebody, people can be so upset over where a human being decides where he wants to play basketball,” Griffin said. “I thought it was crazy.”

That was the verbal version of a few warm-up shots from Griffin.

Later, it was noted that James had been in Cleveland for seven years before leaving for Miami, bringing forth an interesting analogy from Griffin.

“It’s like somebody giving you money and taking care of you, giving you a home and then after seven years, ‘You’re like OK, you’re on your own now.’ And you being like, ‘What? You’re going to leave me?’

“They should be thankful for having him for seven years. And they shouldn’t look at it like from a standpoint of … a standpoint of betrayal.

Ugh. Perhaps we should simply chalk this one up to an epic timing fail on the part of Griffin. How was he supposed to know James would come out last night and take a potshot at the Cavaliers and how they were manhandled by the Lakers Tuesday night by tweeting that “Karma’s a bitch”. Even with his ability to rise high over his NBA counterparts and throw down vicious dunks, even Griffin couldn’t have predicted the the lay of the land today from those dizzying heights.

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