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You’ll Never Guess Which Former NFL Players Will Be On Next Season’s ‘Survivor’

After scoring a major coup by landing Jimmy Johnson to appear as one of the castaways on last season’s Survivor: Nicaragua, the producers of the long-running CBS show have staged an improbable second act by securing not one, but two ex-NFL players to appear on next season’s edition of the series, Survivor: Redemption Island. And you’ll never guess who the two former players are.

Why? Because it is likely you have never heard of either of them. At least I hadn’t. Ladies and gentlemen, the former NFLers to appear on Survivor: Redemption Island are…(drum roll please)

Grant Mattos and Steve Wright!!!

Wait. Who the what? Via FOX Sports Southwest:

Wright, 51, played two seasons as an offensive lineman for Dallas.  He played college football at Northern Iowa and also spent parts of his 10-year NFL career with the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts and Los Angeles Raiders.

Wright will be joined by Grant Mattos, 29, who was a wide receiver/special teams player for the Tennessee Titans and also spent time with the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos. He played in six games for the Chargers in 2003.

Wow. Big names. Big names, indeed. Although I must admit instead of Steve Wright, I would have much rather had seen how comedian Steven Wright would have fared on Survivor. His deadpan, monotone, comic delivery would have likely have lulled his fellow castaways into a state of  confusion, allowing him to win the amazing race or beat up big brother or whatever the devil it is they do on that blasted show.

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