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Will Husband Kris Benson’s Retirement Affect Anna Benson’s Floozy Coefficient?

Sad MLB WAG-related news to report today: Kris Benson, who was perhaps eclipsed in fame by his attention-whoring, photogenic and outspoken wife, Anna, has sadly retired. Via FOX Sports:

“I’m done,” the 36-year-old said by phone from his home outside Atlanta. “I decided pretty much after this past season that I wasn’t going to pursue anything. I’ve been putting way too much into it and not getting enough out of it, as far as the rehab, working out, training, and then not getting the type of results I expect from myself.”

Now that I have acted like I actually give a rip if Kris Benson’s baseball career or ever picks up a baseball again, I can now turn to more important issues: how will Kris Benson’s retirement affect wife Anna’s floozy coefficient? Unfortunately, I am not aware of a formula that one could use to calculate a result for a term I just made up, but my guess is Anna will figure out some way or another to stay in the spotlight. And if that means fully-nude pictorials in adult magazines or Skinemax flicks,  I suppose all the horndoggers out there will just have to take what’s given them and be happy with it. And frankly, I’m sure they won’t complain.

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