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Utah Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan Overflows Jazz Bear’s Swear Jar, Mascot Gets New Ride

This amusing little video is brilliant on so many levels. Jazz Bear, the Utah Jazz’s mascot, is trying to scratch together enough cash to purchase himself a 2010 Honda Accord. Some suit walks in and suggests Jazz Bear put out a Swear Jar around someone who can cuss a blue streak, so of course, Jazz Bear elects to go with none other than cantankerous old coot Jerry Sloan.

Obviously, given Sloan’s proclivity for profanity, the Swear Jar fills up quickly, earning Jazz Bear enough money to forget about the Honda Accord and upgrade to, according to J.E. Skeets over at the always excellent The Basketball Jones, a Bugatti Veyron.

That Jerry Sloan. What a goddamn motherf**ker. And that Jazz Bear? What a f**king goldbricking bastard.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]