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Breaking: Lots Of People In Alabama Watched Auburn Play In The BCS Title Game

While it is hardly shocking that ratings were surprisingly good in the Birmingham, Alabama television market for the Auburn-Oregon game last night, how good they were is a bit mind-blowing.

The game drew a jaw-dropping 67.0 rating in the Birmingham market, which for you non-book learners out there means that nearly 70% of homes with televisions in them in that particular market were tuned to the big game, which puts it on par with the 67.4 rating for last year’s national championship game between Alabama and Texas.

But here’s my question: what were those remaining 30% in the Birmingham market watching last night if they weren’t watching the Auburn game? I’m generally not one for conjecture, but if I had to guess, I’d put my money on either episodes of Hee-Haw on VHS or they were far too busy grooving to their Taylor Hicks albums and plumb forgot about the game. Because he’s from Birmingham and every Tom, Dick and Bubba from those there parts loves Taylor’s bland version of blue-eyed soul. Can’t say I blame them.

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