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See, This Is Exactly What Allen Iverson Meant When Talking About Practice…

Brazilian soccer player Somalia was kidnapped by thugs while on his way to practice with his Botafogo teammates in Rio de Janeiro. The team reported that Somalia was briefly abducted while traveling to Engenhao stadium on the north side of the city but was released no worse for wear and unharmed.

Some local media reported money and a watch were stolen from the player.

Kidnappings in which gang members briefly abduct victims and force them to withdraw money from automatic teller machines are not uncommon in Brazil’s big cities.

With the party atmosphere, the beautiful beaches and the fĂștbol-crazy Brazilian womenoh, the women – playing soccer in Brazil sure sounds like a lot of fun. Just as long as you don’t mind getting kidnapped every once in a while. I don’t know, sounds like a fair trade-off.

But we’re talking about practice here. Practice! Now getting kidnapped on the way to practice, my friends…so not worth it.