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Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell Is A Master Of The Obvious

Hey, you don’t make it to the NFL as a quarterback without having a good head on your shoulders and Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell epitomizes Good-Head-On-Shoulders-Ness as evidenced by his breakdown of how it came to be that after an 8-8 season – a rare sniff of success in Raiders Land recently – Tom Cable was unceremoniously relieved of his duties as head coach. Check out the big brain on Jason as he speculates on Cable’s unfortunate ouster during his appearance on New York’s WFAN with Boomer and Carton (via Sports Radio Interviews):

On how surprised he was that Tom Cable was let go?

“I was flying cross-country last night and I was getting a lot of phone calls last night. I was wondering why my phone was going off so much and it was just guy calling me and telling me they heard the news and to turn on ESPN. When I saw it I thought in the National Football League you to gotta be ready for anything. I’m pretty sure it came down to the relationship with Mr.Davis and Coach Cable.

(head asplodes)

What the fungus? Ya think?

Okay, Campbell gets off to a bit of rough start with his head-asploding conjecture, but he more than redeems himself later in the same interview when he expertly deflects having to honestly answer the question that if he had the opportunity to ask Raiders owner Al Davis  “one question to ask whether it was about Tom Cable or his future in Oakland what would it be?” Notice that while evasively answering the question, his answer speaks volumes:

“Oh man, I don’t know. You kind of get chills when you meet Mr.Davis. He is kind of a legend.”

Oh yeah, a person most certainly gets chills when meeting Al Davis. A completely appropriate and understandable reaction for any person when coming face-to-face with a brains-starved member of the walking dead. Legend? More like Hell-Spawned Demon Seed, but let’s not split hairs (or skulls) here. Campbell does deserve credit here for not speaking the ugly truth. Like I said, he’s got a good head on his shoulders. The exact kind of head Davis will hungrily engorge upon during one of his grisly bloodfeast gorefests. Good work, Campbell. You will live to see another day.

Jason Campbell on Tom Cable Firing “I’m pretty sure it came down to the relationship with Mr.Davis and Coach Cable.” [Sports Radio Interviews]