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Nick Saban + Urban Meyer = BCS Title Game Guest Analyst Smarminess Nirvana

Oh, glorious day, my friends, glorious day. ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz has informed USA Today blog Game On! that recently retired Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer and Alabama Crimson Tide head honcho Nick Saban will serve as guest analysts during ESPN’s all-day coverage of the BCS National Championship game between the Oregon Ducks and Auburn Tigers next Monday. You might as well plan on taking a personal day on the 10th because who in their right minds is going to miss these two titans of college football break down the game, minute after minute, hour after hour?

I know what you’re thinking: does my high definition television have the capacity to be able to withstand that much ego on the screen at once? Do not fret. As long as you make sure your television’s Color Temperature is set to “Cool” and most importantly, adjust your Smug Setting to “Elevated,” you should be alright. Yes, I understand that not every television on the market comes equipped with a Smug Setting and if you find your TV does not have it, I’m sorry to say it, but you’re S.O.L. Thank ESPN for that one.

Urban Meyer and Nick Saban will be BCS guest analysts for ESPN [Game On!]