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Yeah, I Can See That: Mike Tomlin Is A Huge Fan Of ‘Jersey Shore’

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And why the hell not? Doesn’t Mike Tomlin have just as much of a right to watch meaningless, mind-numbing idiotic television programming – which Jersey Shore most assuredly falls into – as the next guy?  As long as he is taking care of his head coaching duties with the Steelers – and obviously, he most certainly has been – this season is arguably the best job of coaching Tomlin has done thus far in his career. With that said, who gives a rip if Coach Tomlin enjoys a little Jersey Shore during his down time, something he and Glazer address a little over nine minutes into his overall entertaining appearance on After Party with FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer:

“Hey, we all got our vices, man. Mine…mine happens to be the Jersey Shore.”

I feel it necessary to disclose at this point that I, much like my sports blogging colleagues over at PSAMP (who intially made me aware of Tomlin’s dirty little secret), have never seen one second of one episode of the aforementioned reality program, but that doesn’t mean I will condemn a person for choosing to watch it. Crap, I don’t know a Snooki from a Snuggie or a Jwoww from a J-Lo. Maybe that makes me a square, and that’s fine by me. Hey man, I’m far too busy watching HGTV and stuff. Sue me.