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Which One Is Weenie, Which One Is Butt? ‘Dari & Mel’ Set To Debut On ESPN Radio

Whoa! You got butt-slammed! By ESPN.

That’s how I’m taking the news that Dari Nowkhah and Mel Kiper will be taking over the Saturday morning 8:00 a.m. – noon eastern time slot on ESPN Radio’s SportsCenter Saturday. The show will fittingly be called “Dari & Mel.” You know, because “Mel & Nowkhah” sounds way too foreigner-y, and not in rocking, “Hot Blooded” sort of way. Hey, no need to get “As Cold As Ice” here. It was just a joke.

And yes, I stand behind firmly behind (that’s what he said) my Family Guy reference to Weenie & the Butt. It felt good and if presented with the same opportunity, I’d gladly upload it again.

That’s what she said! (insert sound effects here)

But seriously folks, I eagerly look forward to seeing how this dynamic duo works out. I’ve always said Mel Kiper has the hair for radio, now let’s see if he can put his mouth where his mousse is. Whatever that means.

ESPN Radio’s Dari and Mel to Debut Saturday [ESPN Media Zone]