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Stoner Scorer: Minnesota Wild’s Clayton Stoner’s First Career Goal Is Far Out, Man

Hey, if you’re last name happens to be Stoner, of all things, your first career goal in the NHL should be something kinda trippy, wacky or totally far out, so perhaps the fact that Minnesota Wild rookie Clayton Stoner notched his first goal with the above crazy carom of a “shot” is entirely fitting.

First off, his back was to the goal and he was simply trying to dump the puck early in the third period with the score tied 1-1 with the New Jersey Devils. A goofy bounce of the boards was all it took to set the puck on course for the net, and with Devils netminder Johan Hedberg waiting back by the end boards to play what he thought was a run-of-the-mill dump-in, there was little Hedberg could do but dive towards the crease in a frantic attempt to knock the puck with a mind of its own away from the net. Stoner’s goal gave the Wild a 2-1 lead, which the squad held onto for the victory.

Said Stoner on his rather unconventional first career goal (via the Pioneer Press):

“It was a lucky goal,” he said. “Sometimes you need those. I was just going to get a rim-around and get off for a (line) change, so I dumped it in and turned my back. “I thought, ‘Well, there was no way somebody could have gotten the puck there; it must have gone in. So I had a hunch.”

Indeed. And despite the fluky nature of the goal, Stoner suspects he’ll tell the tale a bit differently as time passes (via the Star Tribune)

“I’m going to bury the tape and tell a different story a few years from now,” said Stoner.

I hear ya, dude. Far out.

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